Michael Hebron, PGA MP, CA - International
American Academy for
Learning Golf

Incorporating the Neuro Learning Golf™ philosophy

For over three decades Michael Hebron has participated in golf education with PGA professionals  in England,
Wales, Canada, Bermuda, France, Italy, Switzerland, Finland, India, Chile, Costa Rica and other PGA organizations.

American Academy for Learning Golf’s theory is that helping people learn is different from trying to teach them.
American Academy incorporates
 Neuro Learning Golf philosophy referred to as “teaching with the brain in mind.”  

Learning Workshops, Clinics and Summits focus on:
1)        Information to be learned
2)        How and where information being is shared
3)        How receivers are asked to learn that information
Elements 2 & 3 influence how efficient the approach to learning can be!

American Academy for Learning Golf follows the accepted principle that form follows function.  

Function:  Is to experience meaningful learning.
Form:   A brain compatible information delivery system.

“form” used by American Academy and Neuro Learning  Golf  places participant in a position to maximize
learning because the Academy uses an information delivery system that is brain compatible and conducive to

Smart people are said to know more than the rest of us.  It is also said that knowledge is power; it then follows that
to be “in the know” is useful and important.   

How do we arrive at being “in the know”?  Through meaningful learning - a predisposed natural survival skill we all
come into the world with.

Workshops for Non-Professional Golf Enthusiasts
of all skill levels are available at the American Academy for Learning Golf.
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