Golf Digest Review (1999)

Michael Hebron's Blueprints For Parents & Children Learning Golf

Whether you want your little golfer to be the next Tiger Woods, or you just want to enjoy some relaxing outdoor
fun with the family, Michael Hebron's expert golf instruction will point the way, using interactive techniques,
demonstrations, games, and even web links to help you further your education in the popular sport.
Blueprints for Parents & Children Learning Golf
This 26 minute DVD is for golfers of all ages!
- Filled with fun interactive experiments & demonstrations,games, and web links
- increase your entire family's distance and direction golf skills.  
Understand Clubhead and Clubface influences, the ball at address, the lines for setting-up.
Become Aware of where the shaft is during the swing and what impact looks like.
Have fun with family golf games, golf course etiquette, web links and more!

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