Learn More than HOW-TO by Learning WHY!

Blueprints for Building Your Golf Swing, the first 30 minute video of The Blueprints
Series by PGA Teacher of the Year and Golf Magazine's Top 50 Instructors in
America, Michael Hebron. The Blueprints Series begins with the first steps to Building
Your Golf Swing, where Hebron revisits and refines your thinking on the initial stages
of the swing- those that are essential to every sound swing. This video is for all
golfers seeking long term fulfillment, not just quick fixes!
Based on the most contemporary model for enhanced learning, Building Your Golf
Swing is the blueprint for developing, refining and evolving your swing. Blueprints for
Building Your Golf Swing enhances your current knowledge, giving you new insights,
visualizations and understanding to produce predictable sound golf swings.

Blueprints for Building Your Golf Swing covers:
- Basics of how the mind & body work together to perform a motor skill
- Instruction & Drills for refining the initial stages of your golf swing
- Visualizations and Practice Drills

AWARENESS- The First Step
What the Brain tells the Body
New Ways to Think
Visualizing Stages of the Swing

Rhythm, Pendulum, Triangle, Refining Your Grip
The Lagging Clubhead, Power from the Right Arm, Grip Pressure
Lessons, Drills, Etiquette

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