Style versus Fashionable Quick Fixes
By Michael Hebron, PGA Teacher of the Year, Master Professional, CI

For a look into the differences between sports tips versus information that leads to long term
progress, let us examine Sarah Ban Brerthanal’s thoughts on Fashion and Style.
Fashion, she points out, seduces us. It is a passionate fling that will burn itself out before the
next season. This of course is much like the conventional quick fix sports tip. Fashion is also
a show off, its only concerned with the moment. Again, like a tip.
Style on the other hand, Sarah points out, has been around and has seen it all before and
does not let you down. It knows that classic elegance, beauty, and simplicity all have staying
power. Much like information that is alternative to quick fixes or supported information that
we understand and can personalize with.

While fashion guesses and bluffs, it is an impatient charmer that burns itself out before the
next season, a fling that is a show off, a provocative cult and is self-congratulatory. Doesn't
this sound like descriptions that could be applied to all the tips sports players give and get
every day?
Style on the other hand is a steadfast philosophy that will not let you down. It has staying
power that uses your best features. It waits to be recognized and when found it soothes. It
knows and waits for the inevitable compliment. All these ter ms and descriptions can be
applied to information that leads to long term progress and fulfillment. I ask, is it really time
to run to the newest theory or piece of equipment, or is it time to take a look in your closet of
tried and true basics? Have you lost some of the elements that worked for you in the past, or
have you muddled them with so me quick fixes and lost the essence?

copyright Michael Hebron, 2008, all rights reserved
Fashion is a cult!
Style is a philosophy.
Fashion mocks individuality.
Style celebrates it
Fashion is a self-centered charmer
Style touts your best features for all
to see
Fashion will provoke.
Style will soothe
Fashion is self-congratulatory
Style can wait for the inevitable
Fashion can be purchased every
Style must be possessed and lasts
Fashion guesses and bluffs
Style knows.

Fashion is impatient and passes
Style is steadfast, born of ones own