Misconcepts vs. Reality
By Michael Hebron, PGA Master Professional, CI
Misconceptions Versus Reality
•  Position taken at address is the position returned to at impact.
Hebron: Impact and address are different.
•  Effort is power.
Hebron: Effort is one of the main reasons for uncontrolled swings and ball flight.
•  Clubhead speed is how fast the clubhead passes the hands.
Hebron: Clubhead speed is how fast the clubhead moves through impact.
•  Hit the back of the ball with a clubface that is facing their target (square).
Hebron: This can cause both pulled and sliced ball flights. A sound swing moves
the clubhead in an arc. The player stands inside the arc. The sound swing returns
the clubhead from inside the target line to the inside corner of the ball. The
clubface is slightly open at impact, but square to the target when the ball leaves
the club face at separation. Only a vertical motion like croquet could have the face
hit the back of the ball and be square to the target at impact.
A Sound Swing
A sound swing really has only two elements: its shape and its source of power. As
a golfer starts to build a swing, his or her goal is simply to have a shape that is
repeatable; with a source of power that is efficient. When the shape of the swing is
on plane, it is repeatable. When the swing can keep the club shaft in line with the
left arm through impact, its source of power can be efficient.
•  Big body parts should help move small body parts
•  Never push the club when you can pull it
•  Turn of body does the work, (not the hands)
•  Balancing in three dimensional space
I believe that everything we must learn to do in golf works backwards from impact-
when the clubface and clubhead path make contact with the ball. The way the
clubhead makes contact with the ball comes from the information that your brain
feed to your body. Every shot your make, good, bad or mediocre, is exactly what
the brain feed to the body before the swing began. Therefore it make sense to
review your current knowledge base and continue developing your understanding
of the golf swing and an arsenal of golf shots and awareness.
Keep up the good work and enjoy the rewards of lower scores!

Copyright, 2008, all rights reserved, Michael Hebron