A Blueprint for Success
By, Michael Hebron, PGA Master Professional, CI
The next time you watch Tiger Woods, notice that when he stands over the
ball and turns to look at the target, the right side of his face is angle toward
the ground and his eyes are “on-plane.” He’s intuitively feeling where his body
is going to be through impact, with his eyes, shoulders, and right arm all
parallel to the shaft’s plane (the shaft’s angle at address).
The shoulders tend to follow the eyes, so if the eyes remain parallel to the
shaft plane through impact, the shoulders with also be on-plane. This
increase is your chances of making solid contact.
After impact, your eyes should still be on-plane, looking at the target. If they’re
not, it’s a good indication that your swing also wasn’t on-plane. At address, be
aware of the proper path of the clubhead away from and back to the ball.
Then set your eyes roughly parallel to this path.
The following preshot routine will help:
Stand with your feet together, and place the club head behind ball.
Take your stance, keeping your feet parallel and left of the target line while
looking at the target (not the ball). Be sure your eyes are on-plane (parallel to
the shaft’s plane).
Look back at the ball.
Picture of the ball’s flight.
Take one more look at the target with your eyes on-plane.
Look back at the ball and swing!
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