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Smithtown Landing Front Nine
Hole by Hole Playing Tips

HOLE 1     359 yard Par 4  Hdcp 5
Use your head instead of your driver! Placement off the tee is the key to this dogleg
right. Play the knee to the left for a visible 2nd shot to this tough hold green. There is
safety O.B. on the right where this hole meets the 10th beyond the cart path.
362  352  287

HOLE 2    163 yard Par 3  Hdcp 15 men, 17 women
If you need to bail out on this hole, go right to avoid the grass bunker on the left!
Remember to let faster players play through on Par 3 holes.
155  145  115

HOLE 3   289 yard Par 4 Hdcp 17 men, 15 women
Keep your driver in your bag, this short hole doesn't require much to have a 7 iron
second shot. There's trouble on the right and a blind second shot from the left with
bunkers short and long so keep it up the center!  
275  260  245

HOLE 4    593 yard Par 5  Hdcp 1
You need two or three big shots to make it in regulation on this hole with trouble left
and right. The shorter the tee shot, the more landing area you have. Big hitters
should avoid greed on this hole 'cause there's O.B. left and trees right, so lay-up
your 2nd shot to the top of the hill leaving a clean shot on from above the green.  
590  580  545

HOLE 5    372 yard Par 4  Hdcp 3
There's trouble all the way down the left on this challenging dog leg left. Big hitters
can try to cut the corner but beware of the blind 2nd shot you are left with! If you
need to bail out on your second shot, stay short and left into the narrow and deep
green with trouble surrounding it.  
370  357  300

HOLE 6    469 yard Par 5  Hdcp 7
Stay safe and straight (avoid trouble left and right) for an easy Birdie or Par. If you're
not going to make the green in two, hit a high iron to the bottom of the hill and make
note of the pin placement while you there! This big green slopes from back to front
with a bunker short and trouble left, right and high so don't get above the green.  
465  450  356

HOLE 7    176 yard  Par 3  Hdcp 13
This fair Par 3 has O.B. left, woods right and a big green. Don't over power your shot
and remember to repair your ball mark on the green.  This is the point to let faster
players play through!
165  160  150

HOLE 8    286 Par 4  Hdcp 11
The shorter you hit it the bigger the landing area, so pull out those irons or fairway
woods at the tee and keep away from the trouble right and left. Play it smart on your
bind shot by keeping it short and straight onto the narrow, smaller green with
surrounding trouble.  
320  300  270

HOLE 9   382 yard Par 4  Hdcp 9
A driver from this tee will leave you O.B. left, so keep it in your bag! Bailing out right
will let the ball roll out into the fairway leaving a mid iron shot to the large, flat green.
Take care on your 2nd shot, the left side O.B. runs tee to green with trouble right
and long.  
370  360  340

Be a Good Golfer - keep your pace averaging 15 minutes per hole, let faster
players play through and please, repair ball marks be they yours or another
player's. Stop by the Pro Shop and talk to us about Playing Lessons.

Back Nine  
Smithtown Landing Back Nine
Hole by Hole Playing Tips

HOLE 10   306 yard  Par 4  Hdcp 18 men, 16 women
This short dog leg right is a great hole to start the back 9 after a brief Midway
House break. Align with the left quarter of the dogleg's hump for the least risk and
greatest reward. Long hitters need to keep the driver in their bag! A medium
bunker guards the left side of the elevated narrow green sloping back-to-front, so
stay below the hole. Two foot putts from above the hole can quickly become a
three putt! Note the safety O.B. on the left.
293  273  257

HOLE 11   152 yard Par 3 hdcp 16 men, 18 women
This deceptive hole is guarded by two small bunkers on the left and right, and a
ball gobbling valley running along the right fairway. Choose your straightest hitting
club for this hole as it's easier to make Par from the front than from the right. The
two tier green is narrow at the top; run it up whenever possible.
155  145  130

HOLE 12  474 yard Par 5  Hdcp 6 men, 4 women
This dogleg left is the fairest hole on the course. Once around the bend, it's a
straight trip. Don't come up short on your approach shot or you'll land in the long
narrow bunker protecting the large green. Take it easy on putts from the back of
the green, the down hill putt is pretty fast here!
485  469  446

HOLE 13   368 yard Par 4  Hdcp 10 men, 8 women
Line your tee shot right down the center of the fairway to catch the downslope and
gain an extra 10 to 20 yards! The Out-of-Bounds stakes down the left side are for
the 14th hole. Avoid overhitting on this hole, trouble lies behind the green! A small
bunker on the left protects the large green that deceptively slopes front to back.    
374  362  346

HOLE 14  482 yard  Par 5  Hdcp 2
This second Par 5 on the back nine is not as fair as the 12th hole. Safety OB on
the left combines with Out-of-Bounds on the right, three deep bunkers on the left
and another on the right. A straight shot down the center sets you up for your
second shot where the dogleg left comes into play. Try to get your second shot
over the evergreen tree on the corner, keeping in mind that it gets narrow going
for the green; a left side miss is better than right side! The uphill approach shot is
longer than it looks. The back-to-front sloped green is protected by two small
bunkers on the left.   
475  465  450

HOLE 15   331 yard  Par 4 Hdcp 14 men, 10 women
This straight hole claims it's fair share of victims with, Out-of-Bounds down the right
and jail down the left! Two small bunkers are right and left 190-230 yards out, so
choose your tee shot club wisely. The small green doesn't hold any surprise
breaks, what you see is what you get.
330  320  290

HOLE 16    201 yard Par 3  Hdcp 4 men, 12 women
Don't take this Par 3 for granted. It's long and guarded by hazards winding up to a
difficult green. The entire right side is guarded by trees and Out-of-Bounds. Turf in
front of the green is usually soft, eliminating the option to run the ball up. Two left
side bunkers and a rear bunker guard over the flat green. The green's center is
the exception to the flat comment, making center pin placement putts a topping on
the cake!
190  180  120

HOLE 17    343 yard Par 4  Hdcp 12 men, 14 women
You get a break with this straight hole if played correctly. The fairway slopes
straight down 125 yards once you are 30-60 yards off the tee. 200 yards will get
you to the bottom of the hill. The tough to hold green is guarded by deep bunkers
left and right. When the pin is in the front use a run-up shot. For middle to back
side pin placements use a full shot.
350  320  280

HOLE 18  351 yard Par 4  Hdcp 8 men, 6 women
Tee to Landing area 150 marker at dogleg-
back: 243, Middle 213, Front 180
This breath taking view of the club distracts players from thinking their way through
to a y Par. The 18th's dogleg left play very short when you aim your tee shot to the
bend of the dogleg. When hit to that spot the ball kicks left and rolls 10- 20 yards
downhill. Long hitters can try to cut the corner but beware of the Safety OB far left
and of the Out-of-Bounds running the entire right side. The approach shot plays 1
to 2 clubs less than it appears. If you're on the down slope, play it off the back of
your stance and let it fly but beware! The green is surrounded by trouble, safety
OB and a lateral water hazard left, and Out-of-bounds long. Top tear pin position
can be deadly so be aware that the green slopes toward the pond.  
390  360  336

Please email us with your Playing Tips suggestions for the Front and Back

Front Nine
Smithtown Landing Country Club is
a Town of Smithtown  municiple
course.  It is open to
non-residents during the week.   
On lweekends and holidays,
non-residents must be
accompanied by a Smithtown
Smithtown Landing Country Club is committed to providing all guests with
the most enjoyable golf experience possible.  To uphold these standards
we ask all of our guests to join the team and conduct themselves in a
manner consistent with good taste and consideration for others, both on
and off the course.  The following suggestions may be helpful to you.

Golf is a game of traditions.  Traditionally golfers (both adult and children)
dress in a fashion befitting the game.  

Shirts: Shirts should either be collared shirts or have sleeves if not collared.
shirts  should be tucked in at all times.

Slacks or Bermuda-length shorts, skirts and dresses are considered

Caps or hats should have the brim facing forward.

The following items of clothing for both men and women and children are
not considered appropriate golf course attire: Cargo shorts, tank tops, tee
shirts, mesh shirts, sweat pants, warm-up suits, jeans, denim apparel,
spandex, nylon and like attire,  swim wear, short shorts, cut-offs, gym
shorts, and tennis outfits.  

Cell Phones

Cell phones, pagers, Blackberry’s and any other wireless communication
devices are discourage on the golf course and in the Club House.  If you
have a situation that requires you to keep your phone on, please turn the
ring off while on the course and remove yourself from hearing distance of
all golfers when speaking.
Keeping the Tradition Alive
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