Michael Hebron Live in the UK

Michael Hebron PGA of America
Master Professional

The Modernization of Learning for Golf

One of the worlds leading and most innovative golf coaches, Michael Hebron, will for the second
year running be hosting a 3 day coach education seminar at The London Golf Club. Amongst the
many accolades he has received, he was the PGA of America teacher of the year in 1991 and has
written several golf books including Golf Swing Secrets…and Lies and most recently Play Golf to
Learn Golf and is the founder of Neuro Learning for Golf ™

The seminar will discuss many new keys that have been uncovered by modern science for learning
faster and retaining golf skills longer. As Michael Hebron states, “What teachers do is gather
information, and then share it. This process of sharing has been modernized and improved, which, is
very exciting to me.”

Hebron went on, “Because of research into the brain’s connection to learning, I have changed the
approach to teaching I used for 20 years and received recognition and awards for. In the past I was
presenting only one side of the story – the golf swing, without including insights into how the brain
best encodes and recalls skills and information. I now realize that personal insights and the habits of
the mind must change before habits of the golf club and body can change.

Information delivery systems must be compatible with the brain’s information process system before
efficient long-term learning develops. According to new research the teaching-fixing to-get-it right
approach to learning I used for 20 years is not as useful as a learning-developing approach that is
brain based.”

If you are interested in moving beyond simply developing technical knowledge and learning the latest
and most up to date information about how to apply it, then don’t miss this ground breaking seminar!

The format for this 3 day coach education seminar will be theory in the morning followed by
observation of live coaching with Michael Hebron in the afternoon.

2010 Cost - £355 for 3 day school including lunch and handouts.

Alternatively, you can attend each day individually at a cost of £118.35 per day.

Also, every afternoon will have live coaching where the attendees can observe or in fact have a
lesson from Michael so there is a benefit from a playing point of view.

ADDITIONAL 4th Day for PGA Professionals:

As an additional learning option, Michael will be running an amateur school on the 26th August at
the same venue with PGA professional Steven Orr. PGA Professionals are able to attend this school
on an OBSERVATION basis to observe how this golf school is run. This day will be particularly
beneficial to those PGA professionals who run full day amateur golf schools and wish to improve

To book a place on this course for 2011 please contact Steven Orr, at so@cga-golf.com or mobile  
07745 559 545.